TwitterRod – Twitter and the Iditarod

For the 2010 Iditarod the Anchorage Daily News, a prominent Alaskan newspaper, and the Iditarod have come together in the Twittersphere.

The Anchorage Daily News has created a twitter account of the 2010 Iditarod that allows reporter Kyle Hopkins to give live updates. While the Iditarod has just begun to get underway in Willow, Alaska, the Twitter account already has 496 followers.  While the Anchorage Daily News has always been heavily involved in the coverage  of the Iditarod, this new use of Twitter proves to be a great way to provide instant updates that can be easily accessed by fans.

The Iditarod is often followed by many Alaskans. As a child in school, I remember each student in our class choosing a musher to follow during the race. Everyday our teacher would tape an Anchorage Daily Newspaper page detailing the day’s race events to the chalkboard in front of the class. Each student would check their racer’s status, hoping for a successful race place to brag about.

This use of Twitter to follow the Iditarod is a great  communication tactic for the Iditarod as well as Anchorage Daily News. The possibility for out of state fans to follow is a huge bonus, as many out of state new publications probably don’t follow the Iditarod with great detail.

For the Anchorage Daily News, associating themselves with the Iditarod via Twitter is a good business move, further promoting the Anchorage Daily News and its own Twitter page.

– Kyla Morris


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