CIRI Tourism Goes Green

I would like to continue my earlier discussion of green tourism in Alaska. Another tourism operator that is gaining attention for their green practice is CIRI Alaska Tourism (CATC). Kenia Fjords Tours (KFT), a subsidiary of CATC, is a tourism cruise operator that provides wildlife and glacier sight seeing tours out of Seward, Alaska.

KFT’s green practices include oil recycling, decreasing electricity use, and a fleet modernization program. KFT has also found a clever way to market their greener practices through their participation in the Denali Green Tag’s Tour program. The program is a carbon offsetting program that allows cruise passengers to purchase a $2.00 green tag. Passengers’ contribution from purchasing the green tag offsets 150 miles of driving and 140 lbs of CO2 emissions. Their contribution also helps with the development and production of renewable energy resources for Alaska.

CATC and Kenia Fjords introducing green campaigns could be good for business as well as environmentally conscious, as Alaska Wildlife Adventures had already witnessed.With a growing concern for  the environment ,eco-friendly businesses are attracting more and more people who are choosing green companies over competitors. Consider going green as adding a extra bright gold star to your list of  already great business attributes. Promoting yourself as a green company can provide you with an advantage over competitors as well as a creative way to market yourself, while being environmentally responsible.

Go Green!

– Kyla Morris


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