Ecotourism: Alaska Wildland Adventures

Recently there has been a serge in businesses and industries committing to more environmentally responsible or “green” practices. The Alaska tourism industry is no exception and one leading company  is becoming well-known for their ecotourism ideals.

Alaska Wildland Adventures has been providing vacations and tours to Alaska visitors since 1977. Alaska Wildland Adventures’ owner and CEO, Kirk Hoessle, discusses how the company is committed to valuing the environment and its employees in a Winning Work Places interview.

With a growing world wide concern for the global environment, launching a green campaign is not only environmentally conscious and morally sound, but also very good for business. For Alaska Wildland Adventures running a green campaign gave them an edge over competitors.

In 2005 Alaska Wildland Adventures was awarded the Conde Nast award for top ecotourism operator in the world. After winning the award Hoessle placed the award’s logo on the company website. As a result the company discovered that many clients reported the company’s green factor as a way of choosing their services over other competitors.

Apparently going green reaps many benefits. Hoessle further discusses in his interview that green practices have even saved money through recycling and becoming more energy efficient.

So let’s review, going green and promoting your business under a green campaign can help reduce ecological destruction, boost business, save money, and further promote other companies to become environmentally responsible. I think members of the Alaska tourism indstury need to  jump on this green bandwagon asap. Helping the environment while boosting business sounds like a win-win situation to me.

– Kyla Morris


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  1. Scott

    There is a growing number of businesses that are trying to “go green” as much as possible in Alaska. One can review businesses that have earned the Adventure Green Alaska certification at

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