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Sarah Palin on Fox News

Fox News recently announced that former Alaska Governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, has struck a deal to become a commentator on the cable news channel. Along with her role as commentator Palin will host episodes of  “Real American Stories”, according to The show will focus on stories of Americans who have overcome adversity.

What does all this mean for Palin? Palin having her own hosting and commentator position on Fox News will allow her access to a large communication platform, as Fox News is a highly popular cable new channel.

It is rumored that Sarah Palin may be working on her campaign for the 2012 presidential election. If that is true, then Palin’s move to broadcasting on Fox News may serve as a very savvy public relations move in terms of strategic communication. Palin is very popular with conservatives and adding to her already popular Facebook page and her book “Going Rouge”, her new broadcasting role will serve as an additional platform for her conservative views.

While Palin has spent a lot of time recently on television during her campaign, various interviews, and promoting her book, Palin is no stranger to broadcasting.In the past she worked as a sports broadcaster in Anchorage, Alaska. As for now, we  must wait and see what will become of Palin’s new position and its impact on Fox News as well as the 2012 presidential election should Palin run.

– Kyla Morris



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The Importance of Ethics

Whether you are practicing public relations in Alaska or any other destination you have probably heard a variety of opinions on public relations practitioners’ roles as professionals. A nasty stereotype about public relations practitioners is that we are spinners, liars, and truth hiders. This stereotype paints a picture of an unethical practitioner who serves to “spin” the truth in their favor, even lying and concealing information if need be.

While it can be argued that any profession has its own batch of bad seeds that may practice unethical behavior, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has recognized the need for a code of ethics for the public relations profession. PRSA understands that the public relations profession can allow for a variety of ethical questions and issues, but believes that “successful public relations hinges on the ethics of its practitioners.”

The Alaska Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America also believes in the PRSA code of ethics, stating the code sets forth the principles and standards that guide our decisions and actions, solidly connects our values and our ideals to the work each of us does every day, and is about what we should do, and why we should do it.

In order to debunk the “spinner” stereotype and ensure the ethical practice of our profession, all public relations practitioners should follow the PRSA code of ethics.  Together we can nip this stereotype in the bud and set the record straight!

– Kyla Morris

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Alyeska Resort Embraces Social Media

The Alyeska Resort

As an Alaskan and a public relations student I am very proud to witness Alyeska’s use of social media. Way to go Alyeska! You have successfully realized and harnessed the power of social media.

For those of you who are not familiar with Alyeska, the Alyeska Resort is a premier ski resort located in Girdwood, Alaska. The resort offers an amazing mountain for skiing and snowboarding. The hotel is also quite extraordinary offering a spa, saltwater pool, great views, a scenic aerial tram, and the award-winning Seven Glaciers Restaurant for mountain-top dinning. The resort is a major tourist attraction for visitors to Alaska.

When I first visited Alyeska Resort’s website I was thrilled to see a social media tab. The tab is full of links, pictures, and social networking outlets. The tab allows visitors to view recent Twitter updates and blog posts as well as links to Alyeska’s Twitter and Facebook homepages, youtube videos, and RSS feed.

Obviously, Alyeska Resort is well aware of social media as a powerful public relations tool. The fact that Alyeska has embraced social media is a great feat on its own, but my real concern is that Alyeska is leaps and bounds ahead of their competition in terms of social media communication. The Hilltop Ski Area and Arctic Valley Ski Area, both located in Alaska, lack social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and photos or video links.

Why get involved in social media? Just to name a few reasons, according to’s statistics, the networking site has more than 350 million active users. That’s a lot of networking, potential visitors, and clients that companies are missing out on if they don’t embrace the world of social media via Facebook. Alyeska has more than 6,000 friends on Facebook. According to Brain Solis, author of the Social Media Manifesto and, social media “ is only going to become more persuasive and as such, become a critical factor in the success or failure of any business.”

To put it simply, if you are not engaged in social media your missing out on a number of opportunities to improve your business.

My advice – ski resorts in Alaska need to get involved in social media (except you Alyeska)!  Next time I check out Hilltop or Arctic Valley’s websites I hope to see  the use of Facebook, Twitter ,blogs, and more links to photos and videos.Updating your communication to include more social media will improve your business as well as the Alaska tourism industry as a whole.

– Kyla Morris

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Welcome to Let’s Talk AK!

Hello fellow bloggers! Welcome to Let’s Talk AK. My name is Kyla Morris and I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon pursuing a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in public relations.  After learning a great deal about the power of social media, I am excited to begin my first blog. As a student with plans to graduate in June 2010, my blog will allow me to gain experience in the field of social media and prepare myself for the real world of public relations.

I was born and raised in Alaska and consider myself lucky to have grown up in The Last Frontier. I love hiking, fishing, camping, snow machining and many other outdoor activites. My interest in public relations began during an internship at Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated in Anchorage, Alaska. I worked in the company’s public relations department assisting with event planning, fundraising, and writing for the company’s monthly publication.

This blog will serve as my stepping-stone into the world of social media. I will combine my passion for Alaska with my growing knowledge of public relations, communication, and social media.

Let’s Talk AK is dedicated to discussing public relations issues that are directly related to Alaska and Alaska’s tourism industry. I am eager to join the blogosphere and encourage you to join me on my journey!

-Kyla Morris

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